ImmuneWatch co-founder Kris Laukens receives scientific award from the AstraZeneca Foundation

Kris Laukens receives AstraZeneca Foundation Prize

Professor Kris Laukens (University of Antwerp / ImmuneWatch) receives an award from the AstraZeneca Foundation, after selection by independent juries of the FWO (Scientific Research Fund) and the FNRS (Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique). His team develops a digital map of the adaptive immune system, which is the basis of the ImmuneWatch technology. Article continues […]

Interpretable deep learning in immunology

Intepretable deep learning in immunology

At ImmuneWatch, we embrace machine learning and (interpretable) deep learning in immunology. Based on T-cell sequencing data, we specialise in predicting what epitope a specific T-cell receptor will bind to. This information will lead to clinical actionable insights, because these epitopes are linked to the pathogen from which they are derived. And even further, the […]

New review on single cell T-cell receptor repertoire analysis

The graphical abstract of the TCR single cell review paper

Thinking about interrogating the T-cell response using single-cell sequencing technologies? Good idea! The combination of transcriptomic- and repertoire information can provide novel insight into the functional character of T cell immunity and provides paired αβ TCR repertoire data. Want to learn more? Have a look at this brand new manuscript co-authored by some of the […]

Press release: Pre-existing immune cells can predict early response to hepatitis B vaccine

A collection of T-Cell receptors with the ones detecting Hepatitis B highilighted.

“Immunosequencing of T cells, combined with machine learning techniques, may enable scientists to predict which patients will have early, strong protection against hepatitis B infection following vaccination.” That is the conclusion of a study performed and co-ordinated by the academic (University of Antwerp) scientific advisors and co-founders of ImmuneWatch. The study is published in the […]

Roche diagnostics awards research grant to UAntwerp team behind ImmuneWatch

For the 60th anniversary of Roche, Roche Diagnostics Belgium organised a Research Grant Competition where teams competed for a 20K research grant in the area of digital diagnostics. We are excited to announce that Audacis, the team at the University of Antwerp that founded ImmuneWatch, was awarded this unique reward. Thank you for the organisation […]