February 27, 2023

Pieter and Benson, co-founders of ImmuneWatch receive the GSK Vaccines Award 2022 GSK

We are thrilled to announce that Pieter Meysman (CTO) and Benson Ogunjimi (Medical Director), both co-founders of ImmuneWatch, received the GSK Vaccines 2022 award by the Belgian Royal Academy of Medicine.

They received the award for their work on using computational models to monitor and predict T cell responses in the context of vaccination. By combining TCR sequencing data and well-trained machine learning algorithms they managed to gain insights into vaccine-induced T cell responses at a much more clinically relevant level than before.

The technology has been licensed by the University of Antwerp and Antwerp University Hospital to ImmuneWatch to bring it into application. At ImmuneWatch, we are proud that we are able to work with these bright people and expand on the valuable technology that they have pioneered.

Thank you to GSK for sponsoring the award and building a valuable vaccine ecosystem here in Belgium. Also thank you to the Royal Academy of Medicine in Belgium (KAGB) for organising and awarding these prices. Read more about the prize here (French).

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