January 17, 2024

Launching the ImmuneWatch DETECT Early Access Program

Are you ready to change the way you interpret your TCR sequencing data? We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our ImmuneWatch DETECT Early Access Program – a unique opportunity for innovators that are using TCR sequencing.

  • Struggling with TCR-epitope specificity?
  • Want to pinpoint TCRs that match your targets?

Then this Early Access Program is a good match!

Demo showing a terminal that runs ImmuneWatch DETECT

Why should you work with ImmuneWatch DETECT?

  • Stop wasting resources on TCRs that do not matter. Annotate, filter and visualise the TCRs that are related to your pathogen or therapy of interest.
  • Get access to the best-in-class algorithm. A recent public benchmark showed that ImmuneWatch DETECT outperforms all other solutions. You’ll be one of the first to use it on your own use cases.
  • It is super fast. It can annotate a full TCR-repertoire in under 2 minutes, so that it can easily be integrated in your current TCR analysis workflow.

Limited Early Access – Act Fast!

Be among the exclusive group of early adopters! We will only have limited spots available so don’t miss your chance to be at the forefront of immunological research.

Ready to Take Your Research to the Next Level?

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