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Use machine learning to find epitopes or antigens for your vaccine.

Looking for potent antigens and epitopes to design your vaccine?

Many vaccines have been developed through a trial and error approach, with a large pool of candidates tested in vitro to screen for the most effective ones. This approach can be time-consuming, costly, and not always lead to the most effective vaccines.

Machine learning can address these problems and provide a number of other benefits complementary to traditional vaccine development methods.

Increased efficiency

A more targeted and rational approach to vaccine development, leading to a faster and more efficient development process.

Improved vaccine effectiveness

By using reverse vaccinology to select the most promising targets for a vaccine, it’s possible to create vaccines that are more effective at eliciting the desired immune response.

Reduced costs

Targeted and efficient approach of reverse vaccinology can also lead to reduced costs compared to traditional vaccine development methods.

Enhanced understanding of disease biology

By diving into pathogen biology, reverse vaccinology can also provide a deeper understanding of disease biology.

"Together with ImmuneWatch we were able to assess vaccine-induced T-cell signatures in our unique longitudinal sample collection of cancer patients. Based on antibody titers, it has previously been shown that cancer patients induce a weaker response towards COVID19 vaccines. T-cell immunity in this context is far less characterized and understood. Thanks to the ImmuneWatch DETECT platform we were able to take a deep dive into the SARS-CoV-2-specific T-cell response of our cancer patient cohort. "

Prof. Dr. Eva Lion & Prof. Dr. Timon Vandamme
University of Antwerp - University Hospital Antwerp

ImmuneWatch DETECT wins Machine Learning competition

We are excited to share our recent win in the IMMREP23 Kaggle competition focused on TCR (T-cell receptor) specificity prediction.

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Make your vaccine design process more data-driven by implementing machine learning and approaches from reverse vaccinology.

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Reverse Vaccinology Whitepaper

Exploring the Efficiency of Reverse Vaccinology

With the impending threats of antibiotic- resistant bacterial infections and future pandemics, implementing a fast and scalable vaccine development process is more urgent than ever. Reverse vaccinology is a computational vaccine-target identification method with stark benefits over traditional vaccine development. With a highly efficient pipeline, this bioinformatic technique allows for faster, safer, and cheaper vaccine development. Find out more about reverse vaccinology in this white paper.

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Find the epitope-specificity of your TCRs today

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Find more information and answers to frequently asked questions on our documentation pages.

ImmuneWatch DETECT is an algorithm that falls into the “seen epitope models” category. This means that it needs to have training data on an epitope, before it can detect TCRs related to this epitope. 

IMWdb currently contains more than 1700 epitopes and is continuously expanded. In addition, we offer a service to generate the data specifically for your epitope of interest. Request a quote here.

A true “unseen epitope model” is currently being researched.

No, ImmuneWatch DETECT is able to annotate both the Alpha and Beta chains of TCRs. In addition, it can also work Delta and Gamma chains.

Yes, we can help you out with your TCR sequencing project as well. Feel free to contact us for a quote for your project.

Outre la localisation de vos outils, HeronTrack vous permet de suivre et de planifier vos inspections internes et externes. HeronTrack intègre les rapports de tous les organismes d'inspection externes et propose des formulaires qui peuvent être utilisés pour les inspections internes telles que les outils électriques, les échelles et autres. En outre, les réservations d'outils et les réparations peuvent également être gérées via l'application mobile et web.

Il y a deux groupes d'utilisateurs : ceux qui n'ont accès qu'à l'application mobile, comme les ouvriers et les conducteurs, et ceux qui ont accès à l'application mobile et à l'application web, comme les informaticiens, les responsables d'entrepôt, les chefs de projet, etc.

Find the epitope-specificity of your TCRs today

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