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At ImmuneWatch we are accelerating the development of T cell based diagnostic tools and therapies using bioinformatics and AI.

Our vision is to extract clinically actionable information about the past, present and future of an individual’s immune system from a single T cell receptor profile.

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The T cell receptor repertoire holds the key to understanding how our immune system responds to infections, tumours, vaccines or immune therapies. At ImmuneWatch we believe that sequencing and analyzing the human T cell repertoire allows for faster development of improved vaccines and immune therapies. We aim to make this data clinically actionable.

Each T-cell receptor in a T-cell receptor repertoire can recognise one or multiple pathogens.
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The Team

ImmuneWatch builds upon years of multi-disciplinary collaborations between clinicians and data scientists at the University of Antwerp (Belgium) and Antwerp University Hospital (Belgium).

Its scientific founders have a long scientific publication track-record and extensive expertise in biomolecular data mining, medical artificial intelligence, computational and translational immunology.

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