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We want to unleash the full potential of T cell-based therapeutics and diagnostics.

That is why we are solving the T cell specificity problem using AI

The T cell specificity problem is a key challenge in immunology

It refers to the challenge of predicting which specific target a T cell will recognise with its T-cell receptor.

At ImmuneWatch we have always been at the forefront of using AI and immunoinformatics to make predictions about T cell specificity. We use it to improve the development processes of vaccines, therapies and diagnostic applications where T cells play an important role. Get more insights and make better predictions regarding your T cell responses.

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The Team

ImmuneWatch builds upon years of multi-disciplinary collaborations between clinicians and data scientists at the University of Antwerp and Antwerp University Hospital (Belgium).

We have a long scientific publication track-record and extensive expertise in biomolecular data mining, medical artificial intelligence, computational and translational immunology.

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