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Find the epitope specificity of your T-cell receptors with
machine learning

Find and track the T cells that matter

Accelerate the development of your therapeutics and diagnostics by truly understanding T-cell responses. ImmuneWatch’s machine learning platform can annotate the epitope specificity of T-cell receptor (TCR) sequences, turning TCR repertoires into clinically actionable data.

How our technology works

TCR sequencing offers you an unprecedented deep insight in the composition of the T-cell receptor repertoire of a patient and its dynamics in response to a T-cell therapeutic or vaccine.

TCR sequencing can be performed on PBMCs, stimulated cells or tissue samples. ImmuneWatch’s technology is compatible with single cell or -bulk sequencing approaches.

A bottle-neck in the analysis of TCR repertoires is the annotation of the epitope-specificity of TCRs. Based on > 7 years of research, ImmuneWatch has developed explainable machine learning algorithms (IMW-DETECT) that can link TCRs to their cognate epitope sequences. Find your therapy-, vaccine- or pathogen-specific TCRs in less than 2 minutes.

ImmuneWatch is dedicated to offer a complete solution, from sequencing to immunoinformatics analysis. As experts in immunology and bioinformatics ImmuneWatch is able to provide a complete immunoinformatic pipeline from FASTQ to interactive reports.

Predict what parts of a pathogen will be most effective in a vaccine. ImmuneWatch’s unique algorithms provide not only insights in epitope presentation, but also into the prevalence of T cells that can potentially bind the peptide-MHC complexes (patent pending).

"Together with ImmuneWatch we were able to assess vaccine-induced T-cell signatures in our unique longitudinal sample collection of cancer patients. Based on antibody titers, it has previously been shown that cancer patients induce a weaker response towards COVID19 vaccines. T-cell immunity in this context is far less characterized and understood. Thanks to the ImmuneWatch DETECT platform we were able to take a deep dive into the SARS-CoV-2-specific T-cell response of our cancer patient cohort. "

Prof. Dr. Eva Lion & Prof. Dr. Timon Vandamme
University of Antwerp - University Hospital Antwerp

Find the epitope-specificity of your TCRs today