February 2, 2022

New review on single cell T-cell receptor repertoire analysis

Thinking about interrogating the T-cell response using single-cell sequencing technologies?

Good idea! The combination of transcriptomic- and repertoire information can provide novel insight into the functional character of T cell immunity and provides paired αβ TCR repertoire data.

Want to learn more? Have a look at this brand new manuscript co-authored by some of the founders of ImmuneWatch.

Let us know if you are interested in applying single-cell sequencing. We are happy to help you out!

The graphical abstract of the TCR single cell review paper
The graphical abstract of the manuscript

Full citation:

Sebastiaan Valkiers, Nicky de Vrij, Sofie Gielis, Sara Verbandt, Benson Ogunjimi, Kris Laukens, Pieter Meysman
Recent advances in T-cell receptor repertoire analysis: Bridging the gap with multimodal single-cell RNA sequencing.
ImmunoInformatics, Volume 5, 2022, 100009, ISSN 2667-1190,

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