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We use bioinformatics and artificial intelligence to make T-cell receptor repertoire data clinically actionable

T-cell RECEPTOR repertoire profiling

T-cells are key players of the adaptive immune system. These cells use their receptors to recognise and eliminate pathogens and establish immunological memory. Thanks to Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) it became possible to read out this collection of T-cell receptors in bulk or at the single-cell level.

At ImmuneWatch we believe that sequencing and analyzing the human T-cell receptor repertoire will lead to a better understanding of immune responses in the fields of infectious diseases, oncology and auto-immune diseases.

Each T-cell receptor in a T-cell receptor repertoire can recognise one or multiple pathogens.
T-cells use their receptors to recognise pathogens

Make your data clinically actionable with AI

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Current analysis techniques give insights in the dynamics and size of the T-cell receptor repertoire. However, these analyses lack the most crucial step to make the data useful in any clinical setting: annotation of the pathogens (epitopes/antigens) that each T-cell receptor recognises.

At ImmuneWatch we offer two distinct approaches to achieve such a meaningful annotation. Through matching with our comprehensive database or by using one of our machine-learning models.

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