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MHC binding prediction

Predict MHC binding with HLAWATCH

Make accurate MHC binding predictions quickly and easily with HLAWatch, a state-of-the-art MHC binding prediction tool by ImmuneWatch. This AI-based algorithm has been built based on years of research experience in the field of immuninformatics. HLAWatch works for any protein sequence and any HLA allele .

MHC binding prediction scheme
A schematic showing a T-cell receptor binding to an MHC complex

Use Cases of MHC Binding Prediction

MHC binding prediction has a wide range of applications and use cases:

  1. Vaccine design
    MHC binding prediction can be used to identify potential vaccine targets. By identifying peptides that can bind to specific MHC molecules, researchers can developed vaccines to generate immunity to a particular pathogen for a specific population (based on the HLA prevalence).

  2. T-cell epitope identification
    MHC binding prediction can help identify potential T-cell epitopes, which are the specific segments of an antigen that can be bound to an MHC molecule and be recognized by a T cell. This information can be used to better understand the immune response to a particular pathogen or develop immunotherapies for autoimmune diseases or cancer.

  3. Allergen prediction
    MHC binding prediction can be used to predict potential allergens by identifying peptides that can bind to MHC molecules and trigger an immune response.

  4. Avoid unwanted immune responses in drug development
    MHC binding prediction can be used to screen biologicals for the presence of T-cell epitopes. This information can the be used to modify the biological’s sequence and try to circumvent an unwanted immune response.

MHC binding prediction for industry

HLAWatch has been optimised for usage in industry. In contrast to current available academic tools, we have developed HLAWatch to help industry users obtain accurate and reliable results that meet their specific data requirements. Because of this, we are flexible about its implementation, be it as a service, SaaS or standalone software. Plus, our team of experts is always available to answer any questions you might have.

Get Accurate Results Today and Tomorrow

At ImmuneWatch, we are continually working to improve our MHC binding prediction service. Thanks to our MLOps strategy, our team of immunoinformaticians can always monitor and improve the accuracy of our predictions. Because of this, we constantly deploy the best models we have available, so that you can be sure that you get the best results every time.

Looking for a complete reverse vaccinology pipeline?

Are you looking to design novel vaccines? HLAWatch is also offered as part of a complete reverse vaccinology pipeline.

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