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HLAWatch is a state-of-the-art prediction algorithm designed and developed by ImmuneWatch.

The algorithm makes accurate MHC binding predictions quickly and easily. HLAWatch works for any protein sequence and any HLA allele and it can be used to find out what peptides of your protein sequence will be bound by MHC molecules.

HLAWatch can be used to find out immunogenic epitopes in your drug or help you develop vaccines that elicit potent immune responses. It is a part of the ImmuneWatch Reverse Vaccinology pipeline, but can also be used as a stand-alone tool.

Performance of HLAWatch in comparison to other available academic tools
The benchmark was based on the data and results described in Reynisson et al. 2020. We conducted the benchmarking by utilizing the latest HLAWatch model to predict the binding probability of each data point. Subsequently, we calculated the AUC0.1 (Area Under the Curve with a False Positive Rate < 0.1) for all peptides grouped by their HLA allele.

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