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ImmuneWatch DETECT Early Access Program

Struggling with finding the epitope-specificity of your T-cell receptors?

Want to identify which TCRs are specific to your target of interest?

Schematic showing a T cell receptor with unknown TCR specificity

ImmuneWatch DETECT can help you. Based on >7 years of research, we have developed a machine learning tool that can accurately annotate the epitope specificity of sequenced TCR repertoires.

Limited spots available!

Registration deadline extended up until 26/02/2024

Key features

Annotate a full TCR repertoire in under 2 minutes on a regular laptop. No GPUs or large computing power required.
Best-in-class Algorithm

In a recent public benchmark, organised by top scientists in the field, we reached the highest overall performance, outperforming all other efforts. This result emphasises that we are state-of-the-art in this field.

Read more here.

Track >1700 Epitopes
Our underlying training database holds more than 1700 different epitopes, a number that is growing every day.
High Accuracy
We reach high classification scores on a broad range of epitopes, reliably annotating TCRs that recognise these epitopes.

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ImmuneWatch DETECT will be made available as a command-line python program that can be easily integrated in your bioinformatics workflows.

No, ImmuneWatch DETECT is able to annotate both the Alpha and Beta chains of TCRs. In addition, it can also work Delta and Gamma chains.

ImmuneWatch DETECT is an algorithm that falls into the “seen epitope models” category. This means that it needs to have some training data on this epitope, before it can fish out TCRs. Our current database contains more than 1700 epitopes and is continuously expanded.

A true “unseen epitope model” is currently being researched.

In general, ImmuneWatch DETECT will work on any kind of clonotype file. It will try to automatically detect the formatting. Currently the following formats are supported:

  • AIRR-C format
  • Adaptive Biotech ImmunoSEQ file
  • CellRanger Output

Running ImmuneWatch DETECT will result in a .tsv file with 5 new columns added:

  • The annotated Epitope Sequence
  • The protein name where this Epitope Sequence is derived from
  • The organism name where this Epitope sequence is derived from
  • A numeric value representing the classification score
  • A quantitative confidence label ranging from low to high confidence

We are thrilled to launch our Early Access Program for free. Post-program, we will most likely offer a complimentary version for academics, supporting research and education. For industry professionals, a tailored, feature-rich version will be available, designed to meet industry-specific needs. This dual approach aims to advance both academic and professional pursuits in our field.

Yes,  we would love to help you out and provide in-depth TCR sequencing data analysis, including annotation with ImmuneWatch DETECT.

Feel free to reach out here.

We are planning to launch at latest by the end of February.

We only have limited spots available, so make sure to secure your spot today.

Registration on this web page does not lead to acceptance of any hidden terms and conditions. We are preparing them and upon selection you will have plenty of time to review them.

If you want to share specific concerns then feel free to mail them to

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