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ImmuneWatch builds upon years of multi-disciplinary collaborations between clinicians and data scientists at the University of Antwerp (Belgium) and Antwerp University Hospital (Belgium).

Its scientific founders have a long scientific publication track-record and extensive expertise in biomolecular data mining, medical artificial intelligence and computational immunology.

ImmuneWatch has grown from these foundations, and maintains a strong connection to its academic roots. Together, we keep pushing the scientific boundaries of transforming T-cell repertoire data into actionable insights. 

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Selected Publications

  • Recent advances in T-cell receptor repertoire analysis: bridging the gap with multimodal single-cell RNA sequencing.
    Valkiers, S., de Vrij, N., Gielis, S., Vebrandt, S., Ogunjimi, B., Laukens, K., Meysman, P. (2022).
    ImmunoInformatics, 100009.

  • Preexisting memory CD4 T cells in naïve individuals confer robust immunity upon hepatitis B vaccination.
    Elias, G., Meysman, P., Bartholomeus, E., De Neuter, N., Keersmaekers, N., Suls, A., … & Ogunjimi, B. (2022).
    eLife, 11:e68388.


  • Current challenges for unseen-epitope TCR interaction prediction and a new perspective derived from image classification.
    Moris, P., De Pauw, J., Postovskaya, A., Gielis, S., De Neuter, N., Bittremieux, W., … & Meysman, P. (2021).
    Briefings in Bioinformatics
    , 22(4), bbaa318.

  • Detection of enriched T cell epitope specificity in full T cell receptor sequence repertoires.
    Gielis, S., Moris, P., Bittremieux, W., De Neuter, N., Ogunjimi, B., Laukens, K., & Meysman, P. (2019).
    Frontiers in immunology, 2820.

The Team

Sander Wuyts,

Startup CEO

Pieter Meysman,

Startup CTO

prof. Kris Laukens,

Scientific Director

prof. Benson Ogunjimi,

Medical Director

Tom Bosschaerts,

Operations Director

Max Van Houcke

Data Scientist