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We believe that T cells will shape the future of medicine. That is why we want to help accelerate the development of therapeutics and diagnostics that leverage their power. To do this we develop AI-based models that give you unique and predictive insights in T cell response.

ImmuneWatch is a spin-off company born from years of collaboration between clinicians and data scientists at the University of Antwerp and Antwerp University Hospital in Belgium. We have founded ImmuneWatch to bring our innovations closer to patients and make a real difference in their lives.

A detailed overview of relevant scientific papers published by the founding team can be found here.

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Sander Wuyts, PhD

Entrepreneur and PhD in Bioscience Engineering with speciality in bioinformatics

Got his 10 minutes of worldwide fame when he found a bitcoin in synthetic DNA.


Pieter Meysman, PhD

PhD in Bioscience Engineering with speciality in machine learning and immunoinformatics.

Chan Zuckerberg-initiative grantee for T-cell bioinformatics

Operations Director

Tom Bosschaerts, PhD

Biodata science and R&D manager in the life science industry.

PhD in Bioscience Engineering with speciality in infectious diseases and immunology.

Scientific Director

prof. Kris Laukens, PhD

Professor in bioinformatics and biodata mining at Laukens lab.

Winner of the AstraZeneca Foundation 2021 Award for his work on heterogeneity of immune defenses to infections.

Medical Director

prof. Benson Ogunjimi, MD, PhD

Associate Professor in Translational Immunology and paediatric rheumatologist at the Antwerp University Hospital

ERC Starting Grant awardee for modelling population T-cell responses

Data Scientist

Max Van Houcke

Machine learning expert with a new profound love for immunology

Developer of the immunoinformatics tool ClusTCR and a Live Tennis Scores app: Aced