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ImmuneWatch is a bioinformatics company that offers the following services:

  • Design of your TCR and BCR sequencing experiment
  • Analysis of TCR and BCR repertoire data:
    • Starting from FASTQ or clonotype tables
    • Bulk or single-cell sequencing
    • Including TCR annotation to make your data clinically actionable!
  • Predict immune responses based on TCR repertoires
  • Predict the effect of vaccine epitope selection on T-cell responses
As a team of academics, we understand you might have specific analysis needs for your (research) project. We are happy to discuss them together with you.


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As a University of Antwerp spin-off company we have access to their unique portfolio of algorithms for TCR repertoire sequence analysis. These algorithms include:

  • TCRex: Predict TCR–epitope binding for epitopes stored in our database
  • IMRex: Predict TCR-epitope binding for unseen epitopes
  • ClusTCR: Rapid clustering of large sets of CDR3 sequences

Interested in licensing any of these products?

More product updates coming soon. Stay tuned!

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