ImmuneWatch secures a VLAIO grant to tailor their technology to vaccine developers

Picture of a hand with a blue glove holding a bottle of a vaccine

12/09/2022 – Antwerp, BelgiumThe Belgian university spin-off received a development grant totalling to € 130.000 to further develop their VaccineWatch platform. The company specialises in monitoring and predicting immune responses using artificial intelligence. VLAIO’s support is used to make this technology available to vaccine developers. In recent years, we are seeing a rising interest in […]

ImmuneWatch signs licence agreement with UAntwerp and UZA and officially becomes a university spin-off company

The ImmuneWatch Team

There’s a new start-up in the Flemish field of biotechnology. The University of Antwerp and Antwerp University Hospital announce their new spin-off: ImmuneWatch. The company builds digital technology based on artificial intelligence to monitor and predict immune responses. This technology should make the development of vaccines, diagnostics and immunotherapy more efficient. The seed for the […]

Press release: Pre-existing immune cells can predict early response to hepatitis B vaccine

A collection of T-Cell receptors with the ones detecting Hepatitis B highilighted.

“Immunosequencing of T cells, combined with machine learning techniques, may enable scientists to predict which patients will have early, strong protection against hepatitis B infection following vaccination.” That is the conclusion of a study performed and co-ordinated by the academic (University of Antwerp) scientific advisors and co-founders of ImmuneWatch. The study is published in the […]